Mimaki JV300 Series

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JV300 Series: Versatile, high-quality production printer


Next-generation printer with beautiful output and high productivity
Mimaki’s latest high performance JV300 Series sets a new bench mark for professional wide format printers. With the unrivalled versatility of multiple ink types, the JV300 delivers stunning photo -quality prints at class-leading speeds and provides the ultimate wide format solution for sign & graphics professionals, sportswear and fashion manufacturers, print shops and more.


Η σειρά JV300 σας προσφέρει •••

  • Fast printing speeds up to 105.9m2 per hour
  • High quality print resolution of up to 1,440 dpi
  • Two different printing widths: 1,361mm and 1,610mm
  • Choice of multiple eco-solvent and dye sub ink sets:
    • 9-colour options (SS21) including; Orange, Light Black & White inks
    • Vibrant 6-colour dye sub options (Sb53)
  • UISS and optional MBIS III on board 2 litre bulk ink system
  • Nozzle Check Unit and Nozzle Recovery System
  • 3-way intelligent heater

Υψηλές ταχύτητες παραγωγής












Διπλή κεφαλή σε κλιμακωτή διάταξη

Ensures wide band printing, even at high print speeds.


Μεγάλο μέγεθος κουκίδας σε λειτουργία υψηλής ταχύτητας

Delivers high density print by removing the gap between dots.



Αδιάλειπτο σύστημα τροφοδοσίας μελάνης (UISS)


Utilises two cartridges per colour in 4-colour mode. When one cartridge runs out of ink the system switches automatically to the second cartridge of the same colour, enabling long unattended printing.

When the ink cartridge runs out of ink, the indicator will light up red, while the system already switches automatically to the second cartridge of the same colour.


Πορτοκαλί και ανοιχτό μαύρο SS21 μελάνι


New orange process ink delivers wider gamut to cover 94% of the PANTONE colour chart. Light black gives superior grey balance control and accurate greyscale printing.

Τεχνολογία Waveform Control


Ensures high quality print resolution, by jetting ink drops in straight lines with almost perfect round dots, delivering clear and sharp letters, lines and edges.

MAPS3 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System 3)


Ensures more even drying of inks by dispersing ink drops between passes.


Print headOn-demand piezo head (staggered dual-head)
Maximum print widthJV300-130: Max.1,361mm
JV300-160: Max.1,610mm
Printing resolutions360 dpi, 540 dpi, 720 dpi, 1440 dpi
Ink type(Eco) solvent ink: SS21/BS3/BS4/ES3
Dye sublimation ink: Sb53/Sb54
Ink supply systemSS21: 440ml cartridge/2L ink pack (W:220ml cartridge only)
BS3: 600ml/2L ink pack
BS4: 600ml/2L ink pack
ES3: 440ml cartridge (W:220ml, cartridge only)
Sb53: 440ml cartridge/2L ink pack
Sb54: 440ml cartridge/2L ink pack
Max. Media widthJV300-130: Max.1,371mm
JV300-160: Max.1,620mm
Roll weight40kg or less
Media thickness1.0mm or less
Operational environmentTemperature: 20–30 °C (68–86 °F) Humidity: 35–65% Rh (Non condensing)
Power consumption2x Single phase (AC100~120V/220~240V +/-10%) 50/60Hz±1Hz
Dimensions (outside)JV300-130: 2,541mm(W) x 707mm(D) x 1,392mm(H)
JV300-160: 2,793mm(W) x 707mm(D) x 1,392mm(H)
WeightJV300-130: 170.6kg
JV300-160: 182.4kg





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