Summa S Class 2 T series

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Η σειρά Summa S Class 2 T series περιλαμβάνει τα κοπτικά Summa S2 75-T, Summa S2 120-T, Summa S2 140-T & Summa S2 160-T

Απαράμιλλο σύστημα τροφοδοσίας βινυλίου

Summa’s exclusive MicroSprocket™ drive drum coupled with powerful servo motors deliver jaw-dropping accuracy. Media is conditioned as it advances to assure spot-on tracking precision.

Περιμμετρική κοπή με σύστημα OPOS

OPOS (Optical Positioning System) delivers unparalleled accuracy and automation, even on laminated images. By combing pinpoint precision and rock-solid reliability it’s easy to see why OPOS is the world’s best selling optical alignment system.

Φωτεινή έγχρωμη οθόνη αφής

The intuitively redesigned menu system and full-color touch interface allow for effortless navigation. Tactile and easy to use, the touch screen displays large amounts of information in an easily accessible format.

Τέλεια ακρίβεια περιμμετρικής κοπής DieCut

Summa’s unique FlexCut feature takes cutting technology to the next level. This adjustable feature creates a perforated cut that allows the material to retain the necessary rigidity to transport through the cutter while remaining easy to break apart into individual pieces.

Ροδάκια μεταβλητής πίεσης

Summa S Class 2 vinyl cutters track both thick and thin materials with unmatched accuracy and repeatability.

Σύνδεση δικτύου Ethernet

Multiple computers can now control one unit across a network, or a crossover cable can be used for direct connection – creating an all- new avenue for faster communication and data transmission speeds.


ΜΟΝΤΕΛΑS2 75-T 76 cm, S2 120-T 122 cm, S2 140-T 137 cm, S2 160-T 163 cm
ΤΥΠΟΣ ΚΟΠΗΣTrue Tangential with Drag-Knife Cutting Mode Capability
ΠΛΑΤΟΣ ΚΟΠΗΣS2 75-T 74.2 cm, S2 120-T 120 cm, S2 140-T 135 cm, S2 160-T 158 cm, Extended Mode: width of the material
ΤΑΧΥΤΗΤΑ ΚΟΠΗΣΟλα τα S2 μοντέλα κόβουν με ταχύτητες έως 1414 mm το δευτερόλεπτο διαγωνίως
ΕΠΑΝΑΛΗΨΙΜΟΤΗΤΑΑνάμεσα ± 0.1 mm σε κοπές έως 12 m μήκος
ΑΚΡΙΒΕΙΑ50 m μήκος
ΠΙΕΣΗ0-600 γραμμάρια, με βήμα 5 γραμμάρια
ΙΣΧΥΣAC 240V ±10% 48-62Hz, 85 VA maximum
ΔΙΑΣΤΑΣΕΙΣS2 75-T 141 (W) x 68 (D) x 111 (H) cm
S2 120-T 187 (W) x 68 (D) x 111 (H) cm
S2 140-T 225 (W) x 68 (D) x 111 (H) cm
S2 160-T 225 (W) x 68 (D) x 111 (H) cm
ΒΑΡΟΣS2 75-T 69 kg, S2 120-T 86 kg, S2 140-T 98 kg, S2 160-T 114 kg
Standard AccessoriesWinPlot or MacSign Cut Software, CutterControl Parameter Software, CD w/ Manuals and Drivers, Quick Start Guide, Power Cable, USB Cable, Media Guide Flanges (set of 2), 1 Spare Fuse, Blade Holder, Standard Nose Piece, 2 Standard 36° Tangential Blades, Thick Material Nose Piece, 1 Thick 60° Blade, Tangential Drag Holder, 1 Standard 36° Drag Blade, Pouncing Pin and Holder, T Pen holder, 1 Ball point pen, Pouncing and Pen Nose Piece, 2 Cut-off Razor Blades, Blade insertion tool, Stand and Basket.
Optional AccessoriesMotorized Take-Up Roller for Summa S2 140 and S2 160
Media Rack for Summa S Class S2 140 and S2 160


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