SummaCut Series

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Summa κοπτικά βινυλίου Summacut series


Η σειρά SummaCut series περιλαμβάνει τα κοπτικά SummaCut D60FX ***, SummaCut D60 ***, SummaCut D120, SummaCut D140 & SummaCut D160

Legendary Tracking

The large, easy-to-use control panel allows the operator to quickly change the speed, pressure, plot mode and other settings, perform test cuts, plus much more.

Optical Positioning System

OPOS-X contour cutting alignment enables you to die-cut valuable printed vinyl graphics with complete confidence and ease.

Intelligent Media System

Integrated media rollers and roll end flanges load vinyl straight and keep media on track, even when cutting at top speed.

High-speed Cutting Head

The newly designed high-speed cutting head features incredible accuracy for reliable and effortless vinyl cutting.


ΜΟΝΤΕΛΟD60 & D60FX 63 cm, D120 123 cm, D140 138 cm, D160 160.5 cm
ΤΥΠΟΣ ΚΟΠΗΣDrag-knife with TurboCut & Tangential emulation modes
ΕΡΓΑΛΕΙΑBlade, Pen, Pounce Tool
ΠΛΑΤΟΣ ΚΟΠΗΣD60 63 cm, D120 123 cm, D140 138 cm, D160 160.5 cm, Extended Mode: width of the material
D60FX 61 cm, 50 cm, 40 cm, 30 cm, 21 cm, 12 cm
ΤΑΧΥΤΗΤΑ ΚΟΠΗΣΟλα τα SummaCut μοντέλα κόβουν με ταχύτητες έως 1120 mm το δευτερόλεπτο διαγωνίως
ΕΠΑΝΑΛΗΨΙΜΟΤΗΤΑΑνάμεσα σε ± 0.1 mm σε κοπές έως 12 m μήκος
ΠΙΕΣΗ ΚΟΠΗΣ0-400 γραμμάρια πίεση, με in 5 gram steps
ΜΝΗΜΗ4 MB (buffer size: 16 MB)
ΙΣΧΥΣAC 240V ±10% 50-60Hz, 85 VA maximum
DimensionsD60 115 (W) x 35 (D) x 30 (H) cm
D120 160 (W) x 68 (D) x 112 (H) cm
D140 68.9 (W) x 26.8 (D) x 45.1 (H) in. 175 (W) x 68 (D) x 114.5 (H) cm
D160 77.9 (W) x 26.8 (D) x 45.1 (H) in. 198 (W) x 68 (D) x 114.5 (H) cm
WeightD60 17 kg, D120 42 kg, D140 48 kg, D160 54 kg
Standard AccessoriesWinPlot or MacSign Cut Software, CutterControl Parameter Software, CD w/ Manuals and Drivers, Quick Start Guide, Power Cable, USB Cable, Media Guide Flanges (set of 2), 1 Spare Fuse, Standard 36˚ Blade Holder, 2 Standard 36˚ Blades, Cut-off Knife (Manual Slitter), 2 Cut-off Razor Blades.
*** Optional Accessories*** Η βάση και το καλάθι ΔΕΝ περιλαμβάνονατι στα SummaCut D60


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